Thirty Famous Bookshops in Mumbai

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The history of bookshops in Mumbai is long and fascinating. In the 1920s and 30s, there were over 600 shops selling books on Fort Street alone! They called it “the golden age,” but with time, things changed. Today there are many more shops selling books than before but still not as many as there used to be before Independence or even during the British Raj period when English was considered superior over other languages such as Marathi or Gujarati...

Mumbai is one of the most diverse cities in India, and that’s reflected in its bookstores. There are outlets for every kind of reader, whether you want to read about politics or poetry or learn how to cook a new cuisine. This post lists some of the best bookstores in Mumbai to help you find your next great read!


If you’re looking for a book that will make you feel like you just solved the world's giant puzzle, this is the store for you. Founded in 1986 by Ravi Shukla and his wife Jyoti Sethi, Crossword has become a household name with numerous branches across Mumbai and Delhi. The central unit is at Opera House in Lower Parel and other locations such as Churchgate Station and Breach Candy. It has also opened stores in cities like Bangalore and Kolkata to cater to customers who love reading books but don't have access to them quickly.

The store stocks over 25000 titles, including bestsellers from famous authors such as Chetan Bhagat or John Grisham; travel guides; self-help books; children's literature; manga comics, etc., all at affordable prices ranging from Rs 150 - 500 depending on whether they're hardbound copies or softbound ones (which are lighter weight).

The Bookshop

The Bookshop is located on the second floor of the National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA).

What they sell: Books and stationary. They also have a small section dedicated to rare art books and foreign periodicals. The prices are not very high here, but you can expect them to be higher than Red Fort or Crossword.

What you should do before visiting this bookstore: Make sure your wallet is full or empty depending on how much you want to buy! You might also want to bring a pen if something, in particular, catches your eye because the store has no cells available for purchase. Don't forget cash too!


Blossom, located in the Fort area of Mumbai, is a multi-story bookstore that houses books, magazines, stationery, and other items. It also has a café on the ground floor and a play area for children.

Om Book Shop

Location: On the corner of Colaba Causeway and Kamal Mahal Road.

They sell a wide range of books to suit every taste, including a good selection of children’s literature. The staff is accommodating if you have any questions, which is great because I certainly did!

Why it's worth a visit: This bookstore has been around for over 50 years, so you know it has to do something right! The atmosphere is relaxed and inviting—the perfect place for me when I'm looking for some new reading material!

Atta Galatta

Atta Galatta is a bookstore in Bandra, Mumbai. It has an art gallery, a cafe, and a book club. It also has a bookshop (with books for sale), library (with books to borrow), museum (where you can learn about the history of books), theatre (where you can watch plays about books), restaurant (which serves food made from words) and bar (where you can drink ink).


Landmark is a chain of bookstores in India, with locations in major cities, including Mumbai, New Delhi, and Bangalore. Landmark has been around since 1986; the first store was opened in Mumbai. Nowadays, they have more than 50 stores across the country.

Their name comes from selling books about travel, history, and culture (landmarks). It also refers to their motto: “Our landmarks are your landmarks."


Location: Linking up the two major shopping malls in South Mumbai, Select CITYWALK is located at Cuffe Parade, Lower Parel.

What to expect: If you’re looking for books, this place has them; but if you’re looking for an experience that involves browsing through books and appreciating their beauty, then this bookstore is not the one for you. The entire inventory can be found online on Amazon or Flipkart, meaning that what they have in store isn’t unique or exciting.

What to buy: You can get bestsellers here or books by your favorite authors—but there is no guarantee of having a signed copy! If that does not matter and only getting access to your favorite book matters, then go ahead and pick it up from here as well! However, if you are a collector who loves nothing more than holding a hardbound copy of your favorite author's work in front of yourself, then avoid this place like the plague!

What to do: Nothing much except read books while sitting at coffee shops which have been set up inside Select CITYWALK's premises to make reading more convenient for customers who enjoy doing so while sipping on coffee with friends over lunch hours or after work hours when they need some relaxation time away from office desks (and bosses). This is also where couples go on dates because there's no better way than spending quality time together reading love stories under soft lighting conditions provided by hanging lampshades all around them--but only if one has already got comfortable enough with their partner by then!


Location: Juhu, Mumbai

Best for: Books, cafes, and events.

This bookstore has been around since the '70s and is located in a cozy corner of Juhu. The store is divided into several sections — fiction, non-fiction, and magazines — so you can easily find what you're looking for. There's also an entire section devoted to children's books which are quite popular among parents who want their kids to read more than their tablets or phones allow them to do (and who don't want their kids wasting time on social media). What's even better? They have plenty of seating space if you want to hang out with friends. At the same time, you browse through books or read quietly by yourself without feeling judged by other customers standing around minding their own business like you were earlier today when your friend asked, "how come we never hang out?" You know what? You were busy reading! And now it turns out he wasn't kidding about not being able to afford dinner again tonight because he spent all his money buying those stupid shoes online yesterday instead...

Strand Book Stall

The Strand Book Stall is a Mumbai institution. Established in 1954, it sells English books and souvenirs to tourists and locals. Located on Colaba Causeway, this bookstore is a great place to pick up some cheap reading material—or to buy gifts for your friends back home who don't have time for day trips.

Fun Republic Mall

Fun Republic Mall's books section is excellent for picking up some new reads. You can find books on every subject under the sun here, including titles on science and history. There are also plenty of novels available, including titles by authors such as John Updike and Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

The best thing about this bookstore is that it carries an expansive selection of famous and obscure titles—you’re likely to find something for everyone!

The worst thing about Fun Republic Mall is its location near Mumbai's slums; many people visit this area to buy clothes or other items at discounted prices from vendors who set up shop there daily. If you're interested in shopping at the Fun Republic but would rather not deal with crowds or unsavory characters milling around outside, consider visiting during off-peak hours (such as Monday through Thursday).

Mahakali Caves Road

If you love books and are looking for a great place to buy them in Mumbai, this is it! Located in Andheri West near the Mahakali Caves Road, this bookstore has been a popular destination for book lovers since it opened its doors. It's perfect for all your academic needs: if you're looking to add some new novels to your collection or want to browse for some inspiration, this store has got something for everyone.

The Nook Café and Bookstore, Bandra

The Nook Café and Bookstore is a beautiful bookstore located in Bandra, Mumbai. The place offers an excellent selection of books and also serves up some tasty food and drinks.

Address: 303, Pali Naka, Bandra West, Mumbai 400050

Phone number: 9820515101/9960033141

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8 am to 8 pm; Saturday 9 am to 6 pm; Sunday 11 am to 6 pm (closes 1 hour earlier)

Azaad Bazaar

Azaad Bazaar is a small book store located in the heart of Mumbai. This place is ideal for you if you're looking for books on politics, feminism, and literature. The books are neatly arranged on shelves and hundreds of hundreds of them! There's also an impressive collection of magazines - from local newspapers to international ones like Time Magazine, Huffington Post, etc. You could spend hours here just browsing through all their different titles...They even have comics!

You can expect an intimate setting when visiting Azaad Bazaar as it's only three rooms wide and five rooms deep (if my math serves me correctly). It's also very open-concept, so if you prefer quiet moments when reading, then I wouldn't recommend it as there isn't much privacy here unless you sit at one end where no other customers will bother you with their conversations about politics or whatever else interests them at that moment in time."

St. Xavier’s College Campus, Fort (near Churchgate)

Next to Fort station is St. Xavier's College, a Jesuit institution that boasts a fantastic bookstore. The college campus is open to the public, and you can browse through their collection of books from 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays and 9 am to 12 noon on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays.

Kitab Khana, Fort (Near Flora Fountain)

It's close to Flora Fountain, one of Mumbai's busiest and liveliest hubs.

The place is known for its collection of rare books, and you can find everything from history to philosophy there. They also have a wide range of poetry books and classics, so if you're a bookworm who likes reading about ideas, you can always find something interesting at this store.

Kitab Khana is a perfect choice for those who want to meet some interesting people while going through their favorite reads or just hanging out with friends over coffee or tea; Kitab Khana is a perfect choice! You will find plenty of tables where people can sit down with their laptops open while they browse through new titles on offer; those who would instead read silently will surely appreciate having so many options available right next door (you don't have much time, though). Plus, there's always live music playing which adds another layer of entertainment when trying different parts of town!

Strand Books

Strand Book Stall is a Mumbai bookstore located at the corner of Veer Nariman Road and K Dubash Marg. It is open from 10 am to 8 pm and provides customers with over 70,000 titles.


Located in the Fort area of Mumbai, Kinokuniya is a great place to visit if you're looking for Japanese-language books.

They have a wide selection of books on art, architecture, fashion, and food from Japan.

The bookstore also offers many magazines such as FASHION Magazine (published by Shufu-no-Tomo), VOGUE Nippon, and more.

Milestone Book Store

Location: The store is on the second floor of a building in Fort, Mumbai.

Specialty: The shop specializes in Hindi literature and sells used books at meager prices.

Why it's a favorite: It is one of the most well-known bookstores in Mumbai because it offers both new and old books at low prices.

Here are some other book stores you can check out while you're in town:

Gyaan Adab Centre

Located on the second floor of the Fort area, Gyan Adab Centre is one of Mumbai's oldest bookstores. It has been serving customers since 1961, making it one of the most popular locations in town. The store sells new and used books and various stationery items like pens, pencils, and notebooks.

The best thing about this bookstore is its location—it's right next to some great restaurants like Ashok Raja Dum Biryani Center (which serves some delicious food). You can get your shopping done before or after you eat! The worst thing about this place is that sometimes there are long lines outside because people want to buy books, but there aren't enough employees working behind the counter at any given time.

Starmark bookstore

Starmark, the oldest bookstore in Mumbai, is located in the Fort area and has been around for three decades. The store is on the ground floor of Anand Bhavan, a heritage building that was once a palace.

This bookstore offers an excellent collection of books on various subjects, such as biographies, business, and career books to children's books. They also sell some rare editions which are not available anywhere else. If you are looking for old books or rare editions, then Starmark is the best place to visit!

Apart from being a bookstore, this place also serves as an exhibition gallery where one can see some artworks by famous artists like Jagdish Swaminathan, etc., in addition to hosting literature-related events at regular intervals throughout the year (mostly during festivals). It also houses several cultural events like music concerts etc.,

Strand Book Stall & Cafe in Churchgate

Strand Book Stall & Cafe in Churchgate

This store is located in Churchgate, Mumbai, India. It is a two-story bookstore that sells books, magazines, and newspapers. The bookstore also has a cafe on the ground floor.

Wisdom Tree Bookstore

Wisdom Tree Bookstore is located in Bandra East, one of the most popular areas in Mumbai. The bookstore stocks a wide variety of books and offers a 10% discount on all books on Mondays. Other than that, they don’t offer any other discounts or special offers; however, there are events held regularly where you can meet authors and get signed copies of their books at discounted prices.

The customers here are mostly college students who want to buy textbooks or study material for university courses they are taking this semester or next year. Those working in publishing houses also purchase new releases that have come out recently and need reviewing urgently so the marketing team can start promoting them immediately after launch day arrives (which usually falls within two weeks from when any book hits stores).

World of Rare Books (W.O.R.B) Book Shop, Linking Road

W.O.R.B Book Shop, a bookstore located in Mumbai’s Linking Road area, is one of the city's most unique places to visit. This book store has been serving book lovers for more than 25 years now and offers something truly special to anyone who sees it: a wide selection of rare books from around the world and an excellent collection of first editions. The store also hosts events every day that range from poetry readings to book launches by famous authors visiting from other countries such as India or France—you never know what you might find there!

Manak Books

Manak Books, located in Bandra, is one of the most famous bookstores in Mumbai. It sells books on art and culture and many other subjects.

Manak Books is unlike most other stores in that it organizes its books by subject rather than genre or author. For example, if you want to read a book about how to meditate, instead of looking for "mindfulness," you'll find all books about meditation under one section labeled "meditation." This makes it easier for customers to find relevant materials quickly.

Manak Books also has an extensive collection of magazines related to current affairs and lifestyle topics like fashion and entertainment (this may be partly because the owner was formerly an editor for several magazines). The store also carries rare items, including old maps of Mumbai dating 200 years ago!

Duckbill Books/The Penguin Variety Store, Kemps Corner

Duckbill Books/The Penguin Variety Store is located at Kemps Corner, Near Crossword Bookstore. The address is Kemps Corner, and the phone number is 022-22832555.

The Used and Rare Book Shop, Cuffe Parade

Located in Colaba, The Used and Rare Book Shop is a quaint shop that sells used and rare books. They have an extensive English literature collection and trade magazines, newspapers, and journals. Their specialty is children's books, which you can buy for your kids or yourself. They stand out because of their unique assortment of books at affordable prices (they don't charge more than Rs 10 per book). Their customer service is excellent; the staff is amiable and helpful. You can call them or visit their store to place orders for delivery within the city limits by courier or local courier services like Blue Dart Express or DHL Express India/DHL Global Mail International Economy Service (EMS).

Page Turners Library, Bandra West, Bandra Reclamation Road

Page Turners Library is a place for book lovers and literary enthusiasts. The bookstore is located in Bandra Reclamation Road, one of Mumbai's most delicate residential areas. The bookstore offers a wide range of books, including fiction, non-fiction, self-help, and more. The books are arranged by genre and then alphabetically according to the title with their respective authors to make browsing easier for their customers.

The staff at Page Turners Library has extensive knowledge of all aspects of books and can help you select titles that suit your taste perfectly! They also organize events regularly, which means that you can catch them. At the same time, they're busy hosting meetups or workshops where they discuss various topics like writing tips or how best one should go about choosing a book club based on what type of reader they are (casual or hardcore).

Ruskin Bond's Collection - Rhythm House Lane, Kala Ghoda Fort.

Ruskin Bond's Collection - Rhythm House Lane, Kala Ghoda Fort.

Ruskin Bond's Collection is located in the heart of Mumbai and is a must-visit for book lovers. The store is a treasure trove of books, and you'll be amazed at the variety. It has a collection of original Ruskin Bond titles and rare first editions by other authors. You can also find personalized copies here! This place has something for everyone: from children's books to literary classics, Ruskin Bond's Collection has it all!

Clark Book Centre, Fort Area.

Clark Book Centre is a famous bookstore in Mumbai. It's located in the Fort Area, one of the most popular tourist areas. Among other things, Clark Book Centre has a great selection of books on art and culture and plenty of history books. If you're looking for something more specific than general reading material—for example, perhaps you need guidance in a particular subject matter—Clark Book Centre likely has what you're looking for.

If you love reading but don't have much time to do so because you're too busy with work or schoolwork, then read this section carefully: if there's ever an opportunity where I can recommend buying books from any store in Mumbai over another one (and I'll be doing it here), it will always be from Clark Book Center!

Cafe Celeste at Hotel Marine Plaza - Marine Drive area.

Cafe Celeste is a famous cafe in Mumbai. The restaurant is located in Hotel Marine Plaza, on Marine Drive. The area around the hotel has many attractions such as the sea and shops.

Life is better with books.

Books are an excellent way to escape reality and learn. They're also good for the mind, soul, heart, spirit, and body.

If you live in Mumbai, you must stop reading this and find a bookstore. If you don't live in Mumbai but have been considering moving here—again: stop reading this immediately and find some books!

Now that you know about the places to find a book in Mumbai, it’s time to go out and get reading!

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