How to deal with an online delivery gone wrong in India

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When you order something online, your package should arrive on time, and in the good condition, as it was advertised. However, sometimes things go awry. Maybe the delivery company didn’t put enough care into packaging your item, or perhaps they supplied it to someone else’s address. Either way, when this happens, you need to be ready to take action to receive a fitting resolution for your circumstances as quickly as possible. In this post, I’m going to list some steps to help you get through these problems promptly so that you don’t have to be upset about it anymore!

Get a tracking number.

The first step to dealing with a delayed delivery is knowing the status of your package. If you didn’t get an email with the tracking number, try calling the customer service hotline for your retailer and ask for it.

The tracking number will usually be printed on the receipt that was emailed to you when your order was placed. It should also appear in any emails from customer support or returns that reference your order.

Make sure someone is home to sign for the package.

This is typical: you’re not home when your package arrives. Occasionally in India, the delivery person leaves it outside your door or at neighbour’s or in a nearby shop. But some other times, since you were not there to sign for it, they return the package to the sender. The sender then sends another package and gives you an estimated arrival date — but guess what? You weren’t home again! That’s two packages that were returned because someone didn’t sign for them. Now you have a third shipment coming (and with another estimated delivery date) as well as a growing sense of frustration because no one seems to be able to find out where this thing is headed or when it’ll arrive.

If damaged, report it right away.

If your package arrived is damaged, it’s important to report it right away.

The person at the other end of the phone might be too busy to handle all of their complaints; so if you can’t get through on the first try, try again later in the same day. Keep calling until someone is willing to talk with you about what happened with your package.

While waiting for them to call back at whatever time works best for both parties, take pictures of any damage that was caused by rough handling during shipping — that will help speed up the process once they get around talking with you!

Don’t keep ignoring the delivery company’s calls and emails.

If your order hasn’t arrived, or the package is damaged, don’t keep ignoring the delivery company’s calls and emails. Often times, they’re doing their best to help you solve this issue as quickly as possible, but they can’t do anything if you aren’t co-operating to them.

If you called them yesterday and left a message saying that your package wasn’t delivered, call again today and tell them that they haven’t returned your call yet! They may have been too busy helping other customers who came in after you did — but now it’s time for them to give some attention back towards yours!

Schedule a time to review the damage with the delivery service representative.

If you’re lucky enough to get a follow-up call, make sure you’re prepared. Be ready to:

  • Describe the damage in detail and provide any photos or video that may help the representative understand what happened.

  • State that you expect compensation for the damaged item(s) and/or delivery service fees (if applicable).

  • Request that they send out a replacement product immediately so that it arrives on time with your family’s next shipment.

In addition to these points, let them know how urgent this matter is by stating something like: “I need this resolved ASAP because I’m leaving town tomorrow.” As long as you make it clear how much of an inconvenience the damaged goods have caused you, the representative should be able to offer some resolution without hesitation.

Take pictures of the damage as soon as you can.

Keep those images safe! Your insurance company may not email or accept photos from Facebook, so save them on your computer and upload them to a cloud service like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Take pictures of the packaging. If there are visible signs of damage on the way, it’s being shipped, that can help prove that you didn’t cause it after receiving your purchase. You may also want to take photos of any used packing materials (like styrofoam peanuts) since they could have contributed to an accident during transit.

Get proof of how the delivery service handled your complaint about damaged goods or its response when you asked for an exchange or refund (if applicable).

Call your delivery service and ask that they send someone to retrieve your package.

Suppose your delivery service isn’t going to take responsibility and fix the problem. In that case, you may need to call them and ask that they send someone to retrieve your package and take it back to their facility to be repaired or replaced. Ask for a follow-up call from the representative so you can schedule a time for both parties to review the damage together.

It is worth being proactive when an online shopping delivery goes wrong.

When your online shopping delivery goes wrong, it’s worth being proactive about making it suitable. You can avoid problems and save time and money by taking a proactive approach.

The first step is to get in touch with the right customer service team. This might be tricky if your item was bought from an international website or if another has bought out the company since you made your purchase. Still, most businesses have an easy way for customers to contact them via email or phone number.


Delivery service representatives are used to dealing with unhappy customers but can only do so much. Being proactive and giving them the information makes it easier for them to help you.

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