10 disadvantages of buying books online

Written by Girishkumar Kumaran. Last updated at 2022-08-06 18:35:41

It's no secret that I love the convenience of buying books online. It's my go-to method for adding new books to my library, and I think it's a great way to meet your reading goals. But as much as I love buying books online, some drawbacks may make you think twice about purchasing your next book in this fashion. Here, I have listed ten cons of buying books online I have always felt. 

1. You can’t see the text.

You can only see the front and sometimes the back cover, so if you want to know more about a particular book and its author, online shopping isn't for you.

I also can’t see the author description and index pages. A lot of times, it's hard to know more about who wrote the book because they don't provide this information.  Shopping online for books demands that we could google-search everything that interests us, but unfortunately, life doesn't always work out like this...

2. You can’t get a feel for how heavy or how thick the book is

When buying a book online, you won’t be able to get a feel for how thick the book is or how heavy it is.

Some books come printed with lightweight paper, but some don't. 

Also, if your book description on the website doesn’t have an index and table of contents, it won't be easy to find until you get the book.

3. You can’t see the cover clearly, even if you zoom in.

Sometimes you want to see a book's cover clearly before purchasing it. This is especially true if you’re buying a book for someone else and need to know their favorite color or animal to make your gift perfect for them. However, buying books online can be difficult because of all the clutter. Usually, there will be text or other images on top of the cover page, making it harder for you to view the image properly unless your monitor is set up at an angle where everything fits perfectly together without overlapping or obscuring any part of the image.

4. You can’t get a feel for the font size.

Font size is essential for all of the above. A book with a small font will be more brutal to read and may take longer to get through when you have to squint each word. This can make readers feel more extended, which could mean that the price per page is higher than it should be.

When buying your books online, it can be hard to determine the font size before purchasing them. You aren't able to see if there are any lines or margins in between each line of text, so you don't know how far apart words will appear from one another on the page (if at all).

The Disadvantages of buying books online are many, but one is that it's hard to tell how big the font size is. A book with a large font will be easier to read and feel shorter than one with a small font because you'll get through each page faster. This can make them seem more expensive per page.

5. You can’t feel the paper.

I think this is the most obvious disadvantage of buying books online.

The Amazon page for my new book, Paper Tigers, has a description that includes “a vibrant color palette” and “distinctive typography.” What does that mean? Well, I can tell you what it doesn’t mean: it doesn’t mean ‘the paper feels nice to touch or ‘this is a good weight for reading in bed’ or even ‘it looks like it will last longer than my other paperbacks.'

For me (and probably for many of you too), there are three main things about books that contribute to how much we enjoy them: the story itself; the writing style; and the way they feel in our hands - i.e., whether they're heavy enough to feel substantial without being too heavy, so they make us tired after a while but still light enough not to cause wrist strain when we hold them by one corner as if they were an old-fashioned copybook opened at someone's desk rather than lying flat on their lap while they type away furiously at their laptop computer with both hands busy typing away furiously at their laptop computers using only one hand each so getting through half an hour without needing another break isn't possible unless we keep switching sides every five minutes which defeats

the purpose because switching sides doesn't make us any more comfortable than holding one hand with two fingers up in front of our face as if we were having a pen or pencil and somehow writing something important from memory because everyone knows how to keep a pen or pencil, so it's not like we need anyone's help to do that even if you've never done it before... So, I think it's fair to say that there are three main things about books which contribute to how much we enjoy them.

6. You can’t smell the new book smell.

The smell of a new book is one of the most exciting parts of reading. You can’t get that experience online, but you could use some tips to create your version of the new book smell at home!

You can also take some time to think about what kind of books you like. If unsure, walk around Barnes & Noble and look at all the different sections. You might find that there’s a type of book that you never knew existed but now can’t live without!

7. You don’t know whether it will fit neatly on your bookshelf.

You could be surprised when your new book arrives if you buy books online. The cover art may not be as good as the picture on Amazon, and that one page with your favorite quote is suddenly upside down! You’ll probably have to ask for a refund, even if it was only $0.99. So much time wasted and so many books left on shelves unread because they don't fit on your shelf!

You also have to consider how much space it will take up in your apartment or house before deciding what book to buy online. Bookshelves are incredibly expensive and hard to find, especially if they're the proper size or color (or both). Some people build their own, but this can take hours of work--you might end up wishing that instead of buying fifty different bookshelves at once, you had just purchased one solid oak model that would last forever with its built-in antique finish options.

A bookshelf is an ideal solution to this problem. When you buy books online, they can be read straight away without waiting for them to arrive at your door. It also means no more cardboard boxes lying around! A bookshelf is excellent if you have limited space in your home because there will always be one near you, which also saves time on transport costs.

8. There are hundreds of booksellers on Amazon, and it takes forever to find what you want.

There are hundreds of booksellers on Amazon, and it takes forever to find what you want. If you’re looking for a specific book or one that matches your needs, it can be a real pain to see in the sea of results that come up. It can take so long that many people give up before they ever get their results!

You have to look through all of them. To make matters worse, when you finally click on an item and read the description, there might still be no mention of what kind of material is included in this book or if any pictures are included! That’s why we decided to create this article: anyone who wants to buy books online doesn't have to waste their time searching through endless pages before finding something worthwhile!

9. The search results on most sites aren’t excellent, so it takes forever to find what you want.

I recently tried to purchase a book online, which was an ordeal. I was looking for a specific title, but I wasn't finding anything that seemed like what I wanted. After 20 minutes of searching and clicking through listings with titles that were not the ones I wanted, I finally decided to narrow my search down by author instead of title.

It didn’t work; even though the author was listed in each entry on the page, no results matched my search criteria when sorted by author. Frustrated at this point, I returned to typing in “[book title] by [author name].” Still nothing! The frustration continued until finally—on my third try—I found exactly what I was looking for:

10. There are no recommendations for other books you might like (although some sites do this better than others)

Books are available at a cheaper rate online, but you'll have to put in more effort to track down the best deals. The lack of recommendations can also be a problem since you won't know what else to read next.

Some sites offer recommendations for other books that may interest you based on your purchase history and preferences, but these recommendations aren't always accurate or relevant. For example, if you buy one book about dogs and another about cats, do they think it makes sense to recommend another book about animals? It's not likely that this would be something you're interested in reading just because they're all related as far as genre goes!

Online shopping is good and evil, depending on what you're buying.

Online shopping is great for buying items that you can't see in person or if you're looking to save time and money. For example, buying clothes online will be cheaper than at the store because there's no overhead involved in operating a physical location or paying staff members. You can also access a more comprehensive selection of goods by searching online than what may be available at your local store.

However, online shopping isn't the best choice when purchasing something that needs to feel good on your skin or meet specific quality standards (like clothing). If this is important to you, then going into a physical store might be better than ordering from Amazon—mainly if local businesses in your area offer better prices on their products than those listed on their website!

The bottom line is that online shopping is great for buying items you can't see in person or if you're looking to save time and money. For example, buying clothes online will be cheaper than at the store because there's no overhead involved in operating a physical location or paying staff members. You can also access a more comprehensive selection of goods by searching online than what may be available at your local store.

So, online shopping is good and evil, depending on what you’re buying. It can save time if you know what you want, but if you don’t, it can be a disaster! I think the best way to avoid this problem is by browsing a bookstore and browsing their book selection before deciding whether to buy online. 

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