Here is the ultimate list of online bookstores in India

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Buying books online is the new norm in India. Several bookstores in India sell books, magazines, and newspapers. These stores come in various sizes and shapes. They sell everything from academic to fiction books, from school textbooks to comics. Many online stores have a vast collection of books available for both offline users and those who wish to buy books online.


Indiabookstore is an online bookstore that offers a wide selection of books from various categories. You can find books on business, finance, management, and other business-related subjects. The website also has a good range of fiction, non-fiction, and self-help books available in digital and physical formats (hardcover or paperback). Indiabookstore has deals on different products, including tablets and smartphones, at discounted prices; you can also visit their eBay store to buy branded items like mobile phones or audio/video players at discounted rates.

Sapna online

Sapna Online is a subsidiary of Sapna Book House, one of the biggest book distributors in India. It has a wide selection of books and offers the most extensive collection of Hindi and Marathi titles. You can also buy English books here, but they are not as comprehensive or extensive as other stores on this list.

Still, this store is right up your alley if you’re only looking for Hindi or Marathi titles!

Atlantic books

Atlantic Books is an online bookstore that sells books in English, Hindi, and other regional languages. The company was founded by Anuj Bahri and Ravi Singh in 2007. Atlantic Books has a wide range of titles, including bestsellers, classics, biographies, and novels by Indian authors.

It's a great way to buy books at low prices without leaving home. The website also allows you to borrow two books per month at no extra cost if you're a member of their library program - which is worth joining if you love reading!


Amazon is one of the largest online stores in the world. Amazon can purchase books, music, video games, and electronics. In addition to these items, Amazon sells a wide range of products that would be considered "general merchandise."

Amazon has been a trusted brand since 1994, when Jeff Bezos founded it. It became so popular that they opened up physical bookstores across the country and now have over 300 locations worldwide. They also sell digital content such as Kindle Unlimited subscriptions or eBooks through their Kindle app (available on Android/iOS).


Paytm Mall is India's largest e-commerce marketplace. It provides a wide range of products across categories like Clothing and Footwear, Mobiles and Tablets, Home and kitchens, Electronics, Appliances, Baby Products, and Health & groceries.

Paytm Mall also has exciting deals for buyers on some of their best-selling products in every category. The site offers a 100% money-back guarantee if unsatisfied with the product or if it does not match your expectations. You can also choose to return the item within ten days after receiving it at no cost!


With Bookwomb, you can buy books online from various categories. The website has books for children and adults, fiction and non-fiction, novels, and non-novels. It also provides educational books for students.

If you're looking for discounts on your book purchases, then Bookwomb is the right choice as it offers coupons you can use while shopping on its website. The best part about buying books here is that all payments are processed via credit cards and net banking accounts, so there's no need to worry about carrying cash around with you!

The user interface is simple yet powerful, so it won’t take long to get used to ordering from this site.


uRead is an online bookstore with a wide selection of books in different languages, subjects, and genres. With the lead, you can buy books from some of the most popular and renowned publishers like Pearson, Oxford University Press, and Cambridge University Press. The website offers a wide range of options for students looking for textbooks for their classes and professionals who would like to expand their knowledge by reading non-fiction or fiction books.

You can choose from an array of genres such as mystery & crime thrillers, horror novels, fantasy fiction & science fiction, etc., which will help you find something interesting to read no matter your tastes!


Flipkart is an Indian e-commerce company headquartered in Bengaluru, India. Flipkart was founded in 2007 by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, alums of the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. The name Flipkart is derived from the English word "flip chart," a thin cardboard page with holes punched along its borders that can be attached to strings and hung as wall charts when used as a presentation.

Amazon is an American multinational technology company based in Seattle focusing on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. It is considered one of the Big Four tech companies, along with Google, Apple, and Facebook. In 2017 Amazon acquired Whole Foods Market for $13 billion.[101]


Bookadda is one of the best sites to buy books online in India if you are a book lover. It's an Indian company based out of Delhi that offers new and used books at very affordable prices. The site has many books on mental health, business management, and more. You can also find book review websites here, such as Goodreads or Amazon, to make an informed decision before buying any book online in India.

Bookchor is a bookstore for students and teachers. This bookstore has a wide range of books, reference books, competitive exam preparation books, and engineering and medical books.

Bookchor also allows you to rent textbooks at an affordable price so that you can save money and have access to more than 100000 titles from leading publishers such as S Chand & Co., Oxford University Press (OUP), Wiley India Pvt Ltd, and Pearson Education Pvt Ltd.

We hope this list helps you find the book of your dreams, whether for a class or fun. And if you’re looking for more options, check out our list of 10 other online stores that sell books.

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