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The Ramayana was an ancient Hindu epic about the life of Rama, a prince of Ayodhya. The main characters are Sita and Rama, who are both important figures in Hinduism. There were many other characters whose lives were affected by this epic battle between good and evil: Lakshmana, Hanuman, and Jatayu were all involved in saving Sita from her abduction by Ravana. The Ramayana was written by Valmiki, who is considered to be the first poet in India.

King Dashrath of Ayodhya has three queens but no children.

King Dashrath of Ayodhya has three queens but no children. His first wife, Kaushalya gives birth to Ram; his second wife, Kaikeyi, gives birth to Bharat, and his third wife, Sumitra, gives birth to Lakshman and Shatrughan.

Dashrath is very disappointed that he has no male heirs. He starts to worry about who will rule the kingdom after him, so he asks all three of his queens what they demand in return for giving him sons.

Kaushalya says she wants her son Ram to be king because she knows he will be an excellent ruler. Kaikeyi says she wants Bharat (her stepson) to be king because he is more capable than Ram, who lives a simple life instead of learning politics or fighting wars at court like other princes do during their youth. Sumitra does not say anything because she does not want anyone else ruling over her family.

Queen Kaikeyi starts to feel sorry for her son and jealous of Ram, so she asks King Dashrath to make Bharat king.

Dashrath's eldest wife, Kaikeyi, begs him to make her son Bharat his successor.

The king is troubled by this request but agrees to Kaikeyi's demands. He promises to give Bharat the throne and Rama a life of exile in the forest. Hearing this news, Lakshmana is grief-stricken, while Sita feels betrayed by her father. Meanwhile, Rama accepts his fate and makes plans for his journey into exile with Sita, Lakshmana, and Hanuman.

On their way into the forest, Kausalya tells Rama about how she once cursed Kaikeyi for stealing away her husband's affections from her; she also reveals that Kaikeyi has been waiting for this moment ever. Since she was born!

The following day Bharat wakes up sad at losing his brother but decides not to give up on living life as usual until he hears what happened with Dashrath during their conversation the day before...

Rama returns to Ayodhya and is crowned king, but Kaikeyi demands that Rama be exiled for fourteen years, along with his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana.

After Rama returned to Ayodhya, he was crowned king. However, Kaikeyi demanded that Rama be exiled for fourteen years and asked that Sita and Lakshmana accompany him. In addition, she ordered Bharata to rule in his place during his absence. The three left for the forest with their faithful servants in tow; Sita was heartbroken at having to leave her husband behind for so long.

After traveling some distance from their home, the group came across an older woman begging for alms. Lakshmana saw through her disguise and stopped his brother Rama from giving her any food by pointing out that she was a demon in disguise.

Sita and Lakshmana convince Rama to let them accompany him into exile.

Sita and Lakshmana, who had remained behind in Ayodhya at Rama's request, were heartbroken when they heard the news of his banishment. Sita persuaded Rama to allow her to accompany him into exile; she promised to be loyal and faithful to him. Lakshmana also joined the party with a promise of the exact nature.

It was not until after this that Rama finally relented and allowed Sita to go with him. However, this was a concession he made only because he loved her so much that he couldn't bear being separated from her for so long without any assurance as to whether or not she would remain faithful during his absence.

Near the end of their exile, Sita is abducted by the demon Ravana, King of Lanka.

Sita is abducted by the demon Ravana, King of Lanka. Ravana takes Sita to his palace in Lanka and orders her to be put under house arrest. Vibhishana, a brother of Ravana who had been exiled by him to the forest for refusal to side with him in battle, finds Rama and Lakshmana near Kishkindha. He tells them that Sita has been taken away by Ravana.

Rama and Lakshmana build an army with monkey allies and march on Lanka. After fighting many battles against demons, they manage to reach the gates of Lanka, where they find Hanuman, who helps them gain entry into the city through underground means where he meets Sita after convincing her guards that he was sent by Rama himself so that she could escape from captivity once more (albeit temporarily).

The forest is filled with demons; Hanuman helps them along their journey by killing many monsters who try to attack them.

Hanuman is a monkey, and he is on the side of Ram. He helps Lakshman slay a demon who attacks him while he's trying to collect berries for his brother. This demon had been terrorizing a village nearby, kidnapping young women and eating them whole so that only their bones were left behind for the villagers to find.

When the brothers arrive at another village, they are greeted warmly by people who thank them for slaying the monster terrorizing their town just as much as it had intimidated theirs before. They tell Ram and Lakshman how they're headed in that direction - they have come from there looking for food because all their animals died out years ago due to overhunting (something we'll touch upon later).

Rama finds a monkey named Sugriva in his kingdom of Kishkindha and obtains Sugriva's help rescuing Sita from Ravana.

Rama, crowned king of Ayodhya, finds a monkey named Sugriva in his kingdom of Kishkindha. Sugriva has just been banished by his brother Vali, the former king. Rama helps Sugriva regain his throne, and they become friends because they share a common enemy: Ravana. The two monkeys ally to defeat Ravana, rescue Sita from captivity in Lanka, and reclaim Amba's honor from her father Himalaya (whom she had killed when he attempted to force her into marriage).

Sugriva sends search parties to the south, east, and north. A group led by Hanuman discovers Sita at Ravana's court, where she is being held as a prisoner. After learning that she has refused to marry anyone since Rama left her side in the forest three years earlier (despite several suitors' attempts), Hanuman reveals himself to be an ally and offers her his assistance in escaping from captivity.

Jatayu tries to protect Sita from Ravana but is mortally wounded by him; Jatayu informs Rama about the abduction before dying.

Jatayu is an eagle or vulture. He tries to protect Sita from Ravana but is mortally wounded by him. Before he dies, he informs Rama about the abduction of Sita by Ravana.

Ravana is a demon king who tries to abduct Sita because he wants her as his bride. The two were first cousins, which made their marriage illegal in some contexts; however, given that this was a mythological tale set in ancient India with no legal system per se and no strict rules regarding incestuous marriages (or any other form of marriage), it's rather hard to say if this would've been considered wrong or not at the time (even though it would be now).

Still, given that Ravana was a powerful demon king who wanted Sita as his bride, it's easy to see why they would have been considered morally wrong in some contexts.

Rama rescues Hanuman after his fall, praises him for his efforts, and appoints him as the general of their army of monkeys.

While Hanuman was flying to Lanka, he tried to burn down the city with his flaming tail. However, it was not successful because a Brahmin had cursed him. The Brahmin's wife had died during childbirth, and her spirit did not want her husband to remarry. She swore anyone who tried to enter their house would die within three days of entering the home or at its owner's hands. Because of this curse, Hanuman fell from the sky and landed in Vibhishana's garden below him. He immediately began his search for Sita when he heard someone shouting at him to "hold on." It was Rama who had observed this incident from atop Mount Meru, where he sat with Lakshmana awaiting word from Sugreeva about Hanuman's progress so far in his mission; having just arrived there after leaving Kishkinda after being told by a messenger sent by Sugreeva that both he and Vibhishana were waiting for them at Kiskinda Palace (the capital city built there), Rama quickly set off southwards towards Kiskinda Palace without stopping anywhere on their way back not even once but instead traveling straight through dense forest lands until reaching Mount Meru itself--all due merely out of sheer concern over what might have happened if something did go wrong while traversing said path alone upon arriving at their destination safely!

They receive information that Sita was taken to Lanka, built a bridge across the sea, and waged war against Ravana's armies.

Rama and his army cross the bridge but are attacked by Ravana's forces. The monkey Hanuman flies to Lanka, finds Sita, and brings her back to Ram. He then burns down Lanka and kills Ravana in battle.

In the end, Rama is crowned king of Ayodhya for fourteen years.

Rama's brothers and the monkey army fight against Ravana's forces, but they are outnumbered. The monkey Sugriva is captured and brought before Ram. Rama and his allies cross the bridge but are attacked by Ravana's forces.

Ramayana is a story of how Lord Rama, the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu, overcomes all the obstacles in his path and returns to Ayodhya with his wife, Sita. The story is about duty, devotion, and discipline needed for a person to succeed. The Ramayana deals with human emotions like love, hatred, jealousy, etc., and has many lessons for us to learn from.

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