The ultimate guide to prepare physics for competitive exams in India

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Getting into a good college is not an easy task. A lot of hard work and time goes into preparing for the competitive exams in India. However, the preparation process becomes even more challenging if you have chosen physics as your subject. Physics is a vast subject, and it covers multiple topics that need to be mastered for competitive exams like Joint Entrance Examination (JEE), Indian Administrative Service (IAS), and other state-level exams. To help you ace your exam without getting frustrated over anything, here are some strategies to prepare physics for any competitive examination:

Physics is one of the most critical subjects for competitive exams in India. Physics is a subject that tests your ability to apply concepts and make conclusions from them. It also tests your speed and memory skills because there are many formulas to memorize in this subject. If you want to crack physics and get good marks in your exam, you must practice many questions on your own and make lots of mistakes before getting everything right as an expert does!

Follow the NCERT books.

The NCERT physics book is the best book to prepare for competitive exams in India. It covers all the essential topics, and its explanations are straightforward. The book can be purchased from any good bookstore or online shopping websites such as Amazon India or Flipkart. You may also buy the books from your school library if you have one nearby or order them from your local library so that you don't have to pay for them upfront but can pay them back later when money becomes available later.

There are other options besides buying a physical copy of this book too! You could download PDF versions of these books online (several websites host documents like this). They're easier than lugging around physical copies everywhere you go while saving money since they don't cost anything except an internet connection charge.

The best thing about NCERT books is that they're easy to understand, making them perfect for beginners with little or no knowledge of the subject. Since these books are taught at every level of education, you can use them even if you're planning to pursue a career after college or university rather than going into teaching or research work later on down the line; even though these subjects might seem unrelated at first glance, there's still plenty of overlap between them!

Get good notes from your teachers.

Get good notes from your teachers. The most critical aspect of preparing for competitive exams is to understand the concepts well, and this can only be done if you have good notes written by your teachers in class. The biggest mistake students make when preparing for a competitive exam is copying the entire book and trying to remember everything. This is useless! You need first to understand a concept and then write down its basic definitions, formulas, etc., after which you can go back to check ideas you are not clear about or even ask teachers if there’s anything that needs further clarification or explanation.

If you are unsure about something, don’t just memorize it. Try to understand what is being taught because without understanding something their c, can never be any actual knowledge gained from learning. If one doesn’t have good notes written by their teachers, they should try asking for them as soon as possible so that it does not become too late.

Learn important formulae.

Formulae are an essential part of physics. They help us to solve problems quickly and accurately. However, they are not the only way to solve problems, and sometimes you may find that they are not the best or most efficient. In addition to formulae, you should know how to use them, i.e., why and where we should use each formula to solve a given problem efficiently.

Solve all the questions in the NCERT books.

One of the most important things to do to prepare for competitive exams is to solve all the questions in the NCERT books. The NCERT books cover every topic and chapter tested in competitive exams.

You can start by solving the questions in class 10th and 12th science textbooks, then move on to competitive exam preparation books like DAVLA’s Class 11th and 12th Mathematics Book, which also consists of many solved problems.

Once you have practiced more solving of questions, practice tests are a great way to improve your speed at answering them correctly within a specific time limit (usually 30-40 minutes). You need not worry about making mistakes while practicing tests; instead, focus on improving your speed while answering multiple choice questions within the specified time limit to perform better when it comes time for an exam or interview situation.

Solve IIT JEE previous year's question papers

The IIT JEE question papers are essential to prepare for the IIT JEE. These question papers are also beneficial for preparing for competitive exams like BITSAT, EAMCET, and state-level engineering entrance examinations. The students who have already designed many questions from the previous year's papers but could not get an idea about their preparation level can solve these papers again and again until they find themselves comfortable with those questions. They must solvthisse last year’s question papers which will help give them an idea about their preparation level so that they can improve it further if there is any need for improvement at all.

The students should solve every problem correctly first so that they may not have difficulty solving issues later on during exams or when practicing on other books related to physics or electronics engineering courses, etcetera. Students must try solving as many problems as possible after completing each chapter thoroughly before moving on to the following chapters. This way, they will be able to understand how much more practice I need?

Practice lots of questions and make lots of mistakes.

In this section, we will discuss how to prepare for competitive exams. There are many different ways to study for competitive exams, and the best way works for you. In this article, we will try to explain some of the most common methods used by students preparing for competitive exams and why they may or may not work well when preparing for your exam.

For example, some students prefer to read many books on their subject matter to be in the field before taking their exams. This method can sometimes lead them into a trap where they feel like there is no need for practice because they already know everything about what's happening around them! To avoid thistrapap, remember that even though you might be an expert today (or within six months), tomorrow could bring new information into your life - so never stop learning! Another popular method involves trying out lots of questions from previous years' tests, so if any similar ones come up again,n then you'll already have practiced answering those questions beforehand...

Study at least 6 hours per day for 11th and 12th.

The period from 11th to 12th is the most crucial phase in studying your career. During these two years, you must focus on your studies more than anything else. You should be able to spend at least six hours per day studying physics. In this way, you will get an edge over other students as many students do not devote so much time and effort to their studies during this period.

You should set aside a specific time each day wherein you can sit down and study without disturbances or disturbances. If possible, try not to disturb yourself at all with any other activities so that there won't be any distractions in your study process, and then try completing one topic each week before moving on to another issue that needs attention as well because if there are too many things going on simultaneously, then it will be straightforward for someone like me who isn't very good at multitasking either how long does it take me just emailing them back about my order instead of doing both tasks!

Study in a group.

The best way to prepare for physics is by studying in a group. You can form a study group of your own or join an existing one.

If you are studying alone, there are two ways in which you can use a group:

You may ask someone else to explain the concept from their perspective. If they seem unable to explain it well, ask them why they think so and then try explaining it yourself; this will help improve your understanding of the physics topic in question.

You may also discuss problems and solutions you face while solving problems on a particular topic.

Learn and revise topics from multiple sources.

You can use books, videos, and other resources to study. The advantage of learning from multiple sources is that it will give you a broader perspective on the subject. You can also use free resources like YouTube videos and Khan Academy or paid resources like physics notes by experts in competitive exams. You can read books by good authors and watch video tutorials online to understand concepts easily.

Physics is a vital subject for competitive exams in India, so prepare hard by following these tips.

First, you should not just study the book. You need to learn the concepts very well and remember them. If you do not understand a topic, it will be challenging to place it correctly, even if you have studied it many times. Therefore, ensure that your mind understands everything before going ahead with the following topic; this will help you memorize things easier later. Next, practice solving questions from past papers for all types of exams like GATE and NET (which are among the most challenging exams). These past papers will give an idea about how much time each question requires to solve and what type of equations are asked in these exams, which can help during exam preparation too! Last but not least: read more books on physics because only by reading more does one improve one's understanding of various concepts - this way one can learn new ways of learning which will ultimately lead us towards success!


So, if you are preparing for competitive exams like IIT-JEE, CAT, MAT, etc., then be ready to sweat and give your best shot at the subject. Remember that in this age of tough competition, it's not just about getting admission to the top colleges but also about landing a job with a salary package of your choice. So we hope these tips will help you prepare well for competitive Samoan success in life!

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