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10 must-have apps to ease your travel in Israel

Moovit/Google Maps/Waze

I have already said this. Asking Israelis directions would be the greatest sin you will ever commit in Israel. They just don’t know and sometimes they tend to imagine. This has gotten me in trouble a few times. Somehow they feel compelled to help so much so that they end up lying. Now I know when they are making it up or giving me real directions. But it took me three years, so don’t try. Haha.

Install Moovit. This should be the best choice of all the three above. Especially if you are using public transport. The bus and train timings in Google Maps is sometimes not accurate and fetch you trouble. Moovit is always up to date and reliable. It shows both bus and train timings and the exact stops. It’s still up to the bus driver to stop for you, but that another story for another time.


If you keep watching, you will find really good hostels and Airbnbs for great prices. Together both these apps can get you great accommodation fitting your budget almost anywhere in Israel.

Google Translate

The popular belief that everyone in Israel speaks English is a myth. In major cities like Tel Aviv or Jerusalem its a yes. But the moment you move to suburban areas or villages you will be lucky if you find someone who speaks English. You may have better luck with Russian though. Install Google Translate. You can also take pictures and try to see what the signboards say or try to read labels in a supermarket without bothering someone else.

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